The Intelligencer May 31, 1915 (page 3)

“Driver H. Thomas, of 32nd Battery, 1st Brigade, now at the front, writes to his father, Mr. G.I. Thomas, 377 Front St. Belleville: Dear Father and mother and all—We had a very hot time for a while, but we are out, having a rest and getting prepared to go in again. I suppose you have heard about Leo Ross and Gomes being killed. They died game anyway, and they were always on the job; it’s too bad, but they died for a good purpose, didn’t they?

Well, dad, it has rained all day and still at it now. We had a party last evening at our battery; it was got up by our captain. We had a fine time. We had beer, cigars, cigarettes and etc., and had a good time all right. I received a letter last evening from Larry and it was sure full of news. Love to all, HARRY THOMAS.”