The Intelligencer February 4, 1915 (page 7)National Songs

“Airs of the Several Powers Now Fighting our Enemies in Europe. The Intelligencer has received so many inquiries concerning the National Songs, Hymns and Anthems of the Allied Nations now at war with Germany, Austria and Turkey. The Intelligencer is now able to offer its readers the opportunity of procuring them in a convenient book form, set to music for the piano, and in their own language and also English side by side.

The National Songs and Airs of the Allied Nations comprise those of Britain, France, Belgium, Servia, Russia and Japan, and, in addition, contain the two Canadian National Songs—’The Maple Leaf’ and ‘O! Canada’—the latter in both English and French. The cover is lithographed in four colors with the flags of each nation represented, and complete collection contains sixteen pages, lithographed on good paper and in every way first-class.

They are obtainable on and after Feb. 4th, at the counter of The Intelligencer for 10¢ each, along with heading of the page of any current issue of the Daily Edition, but, if to be forwarded by mail, 12¢ will cover all, which includes wrapping and postage.”