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100 Years Ago: Patriotic Campaign, Ad for Ketcheson & Earle

The Intelligencer March 17, 1915 (page 2)

“Patriotic Campaign To Be Instituted. A meeting of citizens for the purpose of organizing a campaign in this city for funds for the Canadian Patriotic Association was held last evening in the lecture room at the Armouries. Whilst the attendance was not as large as the worthy object warranted, those present were representative citizens. …

On motion Col. Lazier was voted to the chair and Mr. H. Sneyd was selected as secretary. Col. Lazier, in his opening remarks, stated that Belleville had not done what it should have done in this patriotic movement. Funds were not sufficient to meet all the financial obligations which were necessary to be met. …

Ex-Mayor Wills was unanimously selected President and Mr. S. Robertson Vice-President of the campaign committee. Ex-Mayor Wills stated that this was a time when every man should come to the front and do all he could in this matter. We should send our soldiers off with the assurance that their families will be protected. We have done our duty up to the present, but it is getting beyond our means. …

Col. Ponton said this was a campaign for all, and the press and pulpit could do much to assist in this matter and give an impetus to the movement. Ex-Mayor Wills suggested that as there were seven wards in the city, a committee of 21 should be appointed, three for each ward in the city. The working man as well as the wealthy man, no doubt, was willing and prepared to give to the fund.”

[1]The Intelligencer March 17, 1915 (page 8)

“Of Special Interest To the Various Chapters of The Daughters of the Empire The Hospital Board and all those other willing workers who are devoting so much of their time and money to the various Patriotic Causes. We have placed in stock an UNBLEACHED COTTON, full yard wide, which we sell to these societies at 8¢ a yard or in full pieces at 7¢.

Then, too, we have 3 shades of GREY and BLACK YARN, 4 ply, 4 ozs. to the hank; very desirable for the knitting of socks, etc. By the separate skein, 30¢ or special quotations in lots of 10 lbs. or more. Ketcheson & Earle.”