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100 Years Ago: Council Grants $5,000 to Fund, They Shall Not Want

The Intelligencer March 23, 1915 (page 4)

“A hearty endorsation of the Belleville Patriotic Campaign was given last evening when the City Council unanimously voted a grant of $5,000 to the Belleville Branch of the Canadian Patriotic Fund. At the Campaign Headquarters the workers gathered last evening and decided to lay the matter before the Council, and at 9.30 a deputation of some twenty-five representative citizens marched to the Council Chamber, where they were kindly invited to explain their proposition. …  The speakers pointed out that grants ranging from one-half to two mills on the assessment had been made in other places, and suggested that Belleville would do well to give not less than one mill. …

The grant of $5,000 represents less than one mill on the dollar, which will mean that through the taxes the citizens of Belleville will contribute less than one dollar per $1,000 assessment to the Patriotic Fund. With this hearty endorsation on the part of our City Fathers the local campaign has a promising outlook.”

The Intelligencer March 23, 1915 (page 5) [1]

“They Shall Not Want. …  These Must Be Days of Brotherhood. These are times of standing together, working, thinking, fighting together. The challenge of an enemy provokes quick response in every breast and proclaims the brotherhood of rich and poor. …  Dad’s Fightin’!—What Will You Do For Us?”