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100 Years Ago: Local M.P. Offers Home for Convalescent Soldiers, Archie Cooke Writes Home

The Intelligencer May 8, 1915 (page 3)

Mr. W.B. Northrup, K.C., M.P. [1]

Mr. W.B. Northrup, K.C., M.P.

“Practical Patriotism Exhibited in City. The happy possession of a spacious house and grounds and of philanthropic spirit has enabled Mr. W.B. Northrup, K.C., M.P., and Mrs. Northrup to make an offer to the Government of a convalescent home for wounded Canadian soldiers from France and Belgium, who are to be sent to Canada to be refitted and to regain the strength and vigor necessary for them to resume the fight in the firing line.

Mr. Northrup has practically handed over the key of his beautifully

Home of Mr. W.B. Northrup on Front Street North, Belleville [2]

Home of Mr. W.B. Northrup on Front Street North, Belleville

furnished home and the Government has accepted his offer provided that the citizens of Belleville and vicinity will undertake the cheering and the outdoor care of the convalescents by volunteering an ample supply of motor cars and motor boats for outings every morning and every afternoon until the convalescents are guaranteed fit for service and are drafted back to the army again.”


The Intelligencer May 8, 1915 (page 7)

“Sergt. A Cooke Writes Home. Mrs. Cooke of College Hill, Belleville, has received the following letter from her son, Sergt. Archie Cook, who left here with the 1st Contingent. Belgium, April 19, 1915. At last we are in Belgium. It has taken quite a long time for us to come from home to there but we are none the worse off by the journey.

Yesterday morning we were awake early and told to get ready to move to some place, we didn’t know where. …  After we had gone about three miles we crossed the Belgium frontier, and about six miles further we arrived at our billets. It is a pretty country around here. There are in some parts large mansions and parks. …  It will not be long before we are back in the trenches again, and I think we are certain of seeing something this time.”