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100 Years Ago: Letter from Dick Ponton to Father Colonel Ponton

The Intelligencer February 19, 1915 (page 1)

“A Manly Letter From a Sterling Soldier Son. Lieutenant Richard Douglas Ponton Sends Last Message from Salisbury Plain. ‘Many thanks for letters, enclosures and three fine bundles of papers. …  Mother’s socks are the very best ever. No sooner received than worn, the more the merrier. How short the life of even a good sock, and what will it be in France when far from supplies with trenches and marching and fighting day and night. …

The King and Lord Kitchener came to say good-bye to the Canadian Division and from the way the inspection went off we proved to their satisfaction that, all rumours to the contrary notwithstanding, the Contingent is fit and efficient. Lord Kitchener and the King expressed themselves as surprised and pleased at the splendid appearance and work of all units. …

You surely have your hands full with night meetings for the Red Cross and recruiting. Who meets you at the station now that I am gone, when you come back at 2, 3 and 4 a.m. as usually, I suppose?

We will have many minutes, hours and nights in France for reflection and memory, and no doubt the dear old home circles will be in our thoughts all the time. We are prepared for the worst should it come—and for the best. You know our duty will not be shirked at any rate even though our responsibilities be great and many. These we fully realize and these we face. Good night and good-bye. Love to all always, Dick.”