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100 Years Ago: Conditions for Recruiting Relaxed, Dental Care Considered

The Intelligencer July 27, 1915 (page 7)

“Relaxing Conditions For Recruiting. Height Reduced to 5ft 2in. and Chest Measurement for the Younger Men. In order to secure more recruits, a relaxation in the physical demands for men for active service was announced on Saturday. Hitherto the regulations have set forth that every man accepted as fit to fight the enemy must be at least five feet three inches high and have a minimum chest measurement of 33 1/2 inches.

Under the regulations published on Saturday, these qualifications were modified, so that men of five feet two inches would be accepted. So far as chest measurements are concerned a compromise has been put into force. For men between 18 and 30 years the minimum girth of chest has been reduced from 33 1/2 inches to 33 inches, but this half inch has been added for men from 30 to 45 years, who in future must have a minimum chest measurement of 34 inches.”

The Intelligencer July 27, 1915 (page 7)

“Dental Care Also. A move is also on foot which will reduce the number of men rejected for minor defects in their teeth. This has not come to a definite result yet, but it is expected that within a few days an arrangement will be made by which volunteers, otherwise fit but disqualified by reason of dental defects, will be given treatment to fit them for service. This matter is now under discussion at Militia Headquarters at Ottawa.”