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100 Years Ago: Belleville to Raise $10,000 for British Red Cross

The Intelligencer October 26, 1915 (page 1)

“Belleville to Raise $10,000 for Red Cross. Sum to be Raised by Issuing Debentures—Canvass of City so All will Have Opportunity of Subscribing to This Worthy Object. In response to the call of Mayor Panter for a public meeting to organize a campaign for the British Red Cross fund a number of influential citizens gathered last evening in the Council Chamber. …

The question was should a levy be made on the city finances or a campaign to raise money be inaugurated? …  Ald. Wallbridge suggested that it would be a good idea to make a levy on the taxes, and a canvass of the city could also be made, as there were many who are not taxpayers, especially the young men, who should assist in this matter. …  The following motion was then unanimously concurred in by all present, on the motion of Mr. Deacon:—’That the City Council raise by debentures the sum of $5,000 for the British Red Cross Society.’

A special committee composed of the Executive Committee of the Council …  was appointed to arrange details as to the plan of campaign of canvassing the city. …  The meeting then adjourned and a special meeting of the Committee was held. …

After some discussion it was decided that envelopes be printed, setting forth the object of the appeal and that the same be distributed in every business place and house in the city on Thursday afternoon of this week by boys who are members of the cadet corps in the Public and Separate schools of the city. The envelopes will be collected on Saturday afternoon by the boy cadets who left them at the houses and returned to the city building.”