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100 Years Ago: Attestation Facilitated, Successful Sunday Concert, Canada’s War Loan

The Intelligencer November 22, 1915 (page 3)

“An important order-in-council is announced, by which authority is given for recruits of the C.E.F. to be attested by an officer appointed to command a battalion or other similar unit of the force, provided that he at the time holds a rank not lower than that of field officer.

This is an important announcement, inasmuch as it provides an alternative to the former method, whereby only justices of the peace could swear in men for overseas service. It is expected that the order will greatly facilitate attestation work and simplify the task of those who are engaged in raising men for the battalions recently authorized.”

The Intelligencer November 22, 1915 (page 3)

“Sunday Concert Great Success. Under the auspices of the 80th Battalion oversea Band, a concert was given in Griffin’s Opera House last evening, which proved to be a great success. The spacious building was inadequate to accommodate all who desired to attend, hundreds being turned away. …

Twelve Russians who are connected with the Battalion rendered in their native tongue some selections which the vast audience thoroughly enjoyed. They also under the able instruction of Sergt. Kuprow gave a fine exhibition of the Russian drill and bayonet charge, showing their mode of attacking the enemy from in front and behind. This was a feature which all present thoroughly enjoyed. …

Lieut.-Col. Ketcheson, commanding officer of the 80th Battalion, gave a brief but inspiring address. …  What we want now said the speaker were young men to enlist in the Battalion and also money. …  We are defending Canada by sending our men away to fight at the front. Get some backbone and help us was the keystone of the Colonel’s closing remarks. …

The pleasing entertainment closed with the National Anthem by the band. The proceeds of the silver collection amounted to upwards of $70, which will be applied to Battalion purposes.”

The Intelligencer November 22, 1915 (page 4)

Dominion War Loan [1]

“Canada’s War Loan. In our advertising columns today will be found particulars concerning the issue of $50,000,000 five per cent bonds, Canada’s war loan, about which a good deal has been said and written lately. We have a peculiar pleasure in congratulating the Government upon the issue of this domestic loan, as The Intelligencer has always advocated the borrowing of money at home instead of raising it in England or the United States. …

There is every reason to believe the loan will be very popular, and that the sum will be easily subscribed. Here is a golden opportunity for men to come to the assistance of the nation and, what is equally important to themselves, profit by it. …  The proceeds of the loan, it is announced by the Minister of Finance, will be used for war purposes only.”