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100 Years Ago: 80th Battalion Presents Original Vaudeville, County Council Grants 80th Battalion $1,000

The Intelligencer December 4, 1915 (page 1)

“Original Vaudeville by 80th Battalion. That the 80th Battalion is a body of men of varied talents, was demonstrated last night at Griffin’s Opera House, when officers and men gave an ‘Original Vaudeville.’ Owing to the rough weather there was not such a large audience as the excellence of the entertainment deserved. It well deserved the appellation of ‘original.’

Several pleasing choruses were rendered by the soldiers, some of whom have good voices. The most interesting one was the National Chorus, in which British, French and Russian platoons sang the National Anthem and songs of their respective countries in their own language. Private Burlette, a Frenchman, gave a sensational performance on the tight wire, walking from the stage to the gallery and back, his daring feat being watched with thrilling interest. …

During the evening the 80th Overseas band played some excellent selections, adding considerably to the pleasure of the audience, and during the interval two capital reels of comedy films were shown. A matinee is to be given to-day and another performance this evening.”

The Intelligencer December 4, 1915 (page 3)

“Liberal Grant to 80th Battalion. At the County Council proceedings yesterday afternoon, the request of Lieut.-Col. Ketcheson, commanding officer of the 80th Battalion for a grant for regimental purposes was considered at some length. …

Mr. Vermilyea, after reading from a circular in reference to the Government statement that everything for the soldiers was being provided, moved that no action be taken in the matter. Warden Ketcheson said he was placed in a rather peculiar situation, owing to the fact that Lieut.-Col. Ketcheson was his brother. However, he would have no hesitation of making a grant. Incidental expenses were incurred which were not provided for by the Militia Department. …

Mr. Tummon said that the Council had given $1,000 to the 39th Battalion, and now we are asked to give to the 80th Battalion, and possibly to the other battalion which will be raised in this and Prince Edward County. He moved that a grant of $1,000 be made to the 80th Battalion at this session. Mr. Clare seconded the motion. The motion to grant $1,000 to the 80th Battalion was unanimously adopted.”