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100 Years Ago: Ad for Grape-Nuts

The Intelligencer October 21, 1914 (page 2)

From Belleville Intelligencer newspaper, Oct 21, 1914 [1]

From Belleville Intelligencer newspaper, Oct 21, 1914

“War Reveals Waste of Food. Apprehensive over food shortage, the London press is advising the English people to save and utilize every article of food value, including the brawn coating of grain. Why? The outer coat of grain holds the precious mineral elements which means so much in vital building and upkeep of body, brain and nerves. And yet the modern miller throws out about four-fifths of these priceless food elements just to make the flour look white and pretty!

Isn’t it astounding that it took war to wake people up to such a fearful waste! Nearly twenty years ago the crying need of a food which would fill the lack caused by demineralized white flour products led to the making of Grape-Nuts. …  ‘There’s a Reason’ for Grape-Nuts—sold by Grocers everywhere.”