With the end of our ‘The Tales We Tell…’ exhibit, we are now able to reveal the winners of the pictures and which ones were fact, which ones fiction.

Of the eighteen images, six had true stories attached to them, while the remainder were either completely fabricated or were a mixture of some true elements with a fair sprinkling of false ones.

Prize winners

Congratulations to our eighteen winners, pictured here with their prizes: John, John, Susan, Caleb, Philip, Brenda, Julia, Niall, Eveline, Helen, Denise, Adam, Colleen, Nancy, Jody, Terry, Andrea, and Lorie.

The true stories were the ones attached to the following pictures:

HC00854 'Bug House' on Dundas Street East, Belleville. HC00854 – The ‘Bug House’ (Dominion Entomology Lab) on Dundas Street East, Belleville
1888-1900 Fire Insurance map of Belleville, sheet 4. Belleville Fire Insurance map of 1888-1900
Belleville Hardware Company buildings, Pinnacle Street. HC00899 Belleville Hardware Company buildings, Pinnacle Street, c.1911
Raising of lightship, Muskegon. James F. Anderson negative 337B, raising of lightship at Muskegon, Michigan, 1911
Members of the Circle Six orchestra DESHIS-08-04 Members of the Circle Six Orchestra, c.1927
Horse and mule and three people with 'Votes for Women' sign. HC04638 Burrowes family members with ‘Votes for Women’ sign